swiss psychotropic gold

sounds Fred Hystère ecosystem everything matter molèculas libres new managment nothing say NO decoded_snow desire Swiss Psychotropic Gold: Delinking Commodity Trading Rohstoffwechsel – Performative installation in an empty Office Building of Zurich West knowbotiq in collaboration with Fred Hystère (sound exchange), Tanja Quirici (gold acupuncture), Teresa Vittucci (body and movement), Alper Yacioglu (set-up), with the [...]

the secret life of algorithmic plants

the secret life of algorithmic plants The project intervenes performatively in the visual topology of the agricultural landscapes around Innsbruck (Thaurer fields). The huge Thaurer fields are covered widely by light- reflecting and weed scathing agriculture foils, similar like in South of Spain. Here at temperatures up to 40 degrees high-tech seeds are growing accelerated [...]

b(l)ack dada: nonperformance

b(l)ack dada: drone nonperformance live assemblage mit knowbotiq, dj fred hystère, teresa vittucci software: christoph stähli DADA Universal, Landesmuseum Zürich, 3.3.2016, 19h black dada encounters the 100th anniversary of DADA Zurich with postcolonial and queer inscriptions into this historicized Avantgarde. Epistemic disobedience crosses the city`s festive repetition of the past, carnivalesque fugitivity strikes (neo)coloniality, black [...]

access – the obsession of the planter

Zugriffe – die Obsession der Pflanzer Johann Jakobs Bibliothek Zürich Les Plantes Tropicales de Grande Culture +++ Sugar, Gold and Coffee +++ Ludivici’s Kaufmanns-Lexikon 5. Teil T bis Z +++ Land und Volk in Sumatra +++ Tegenwoordige Staat van Switzerland, Ita 1. Deel +++ Histoire des plantes de la Guiane Françoise: rangées suivant la méthode [...]

kotomisi un:inform

  link to kotomisi un:inform videochannel                       kotomisi is a diagram of ornaments and voices, clothes and foldings, performative inventions , audio pieces, and radio tracks. kotomisi un:inform, performative settings und assemblagen plantocrop label plantocracy quizlet plantocrop msds Salon Suisse, “yes or no”, Venice Biennale [...]

battle the landscape!

distributed passage points- obligatory                        online cartography, activate link>>>> battle the landscape   protocols of incommensurable landscapes a performative field of  urban investigation in Mülheim an der Ruhr, a landscape fully eroded and traumatized by coal mining – the dances of local adolescents with African [...]

the blackghillie hall presents:

 <p style=”clear:both”> SOULTRAIN as nothing to nobody (Joana Aderi) In constantly renewed combinations and variants, there are only three protagonists who appear in the ball room – the figure of the unrecognizable BlackGhillie, who in some cases assumes a portrait-like resemblance to the viewer, MacGhillie, and the anonymous “mob, clothes without heads”. The carousel of [...]

macghillie _ just a void

Brest (F), 1917 macghillie is roaming around, defying a goal, without intention, withdrawing from purpose, crossing the cybernetic loops. macghillie defies classification, attributions are shifted into the void, no will to communicate. recognition does not help. how long this can last in a postutopian space? are there moments for something that does not want to [...]

the rasquache peripheries

“Wer war Albert Norden?”, Station Urbaner Kulturen, nGbK Berlin, kuratiert von Ina Wudtke 2015 videochannel link to videochannel the rasquache peripheries is a video channel to be published during the exhibition “Who was Alfred Norden?“. The clips and tracks of the channel articulate the political geography of a generic “ non-identitarian“ urban periphery. They explore [...]


        A semi-fictive car race across Kosovan-European migration spaces, the project spread rumours and eluded stagings as it oscillated between unpredictable encounters, pseudo-events and political fictions. Did it happen, or was the event a non-event? “Black Benz Race builds on a rumour, one that invents itself and become its own precursor. Nocturnal [...]


        A NEWBORN sign was circulating through the media, i.e. New York Times, Syndey Morning Herald, BBC and Pravda, and had been made visible by hundreds of internet-postings in blogs, Flickr and Youtube. The media presence made the sign apparently hyperprecise and generic: One could get any information about the sign: Produced [...]

be prepared! tiger!

FEEDFORWARD. The Angel of History Cleaning up after the 20th century. What is progress now? The Angel of History addresses the current moment in history where the wreckage of political conflict and economic inequality is piling up, while globalized forces­largely enabled by the “progress” of digital information technologies ­inexorably feed us forward. The exhibition title [...]